At Delaware Auto Salvage Incorporated, we are committed to our customers. We take pride in providing the service of junk cars for cash in New Castle, DE. If you have an older vehicle simply taking up space and slowly rusting, why not let us take it off your hands while also putting cash in your pocket? We make the process quick and easy. We provide instant offers when it comes to cars for cash in New Castle, DE. All you have to do is tell us about your car, and we’ll provide a cash offer, pick up the vehicle, and pay you on the spot. You’ll love how easy it is to work with us when it comes to junk cars for cash in New Castle, DE.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Will My Car Be Picked Up?

We pick up the majority of our vehicles within just a few days, which means that within a week, you’ll not only have cash in your pocket, but you’ll finally get rid of that eyesore of a junk vehicle taking up space on your property. Delaware Auto Salvage Incorporated strives to provide fast pickup when handling cars for cash pickup in New Castle, DE. We strive to ensure that we are the fastest, most effective junk car collectors in the area. You can count on our ability to quickly provide you with an accurate pickup time. Most customers have their pickup scheduled within just a few short hours. While we can’t guarantee it, we may even be able to offer same-day pickup, if not within just a few short days.

How Are Offers Calculated? When it comes to junk cars for cash in New Castle, DE, we base offers on various factors, such as the current market for recent sales and auction prices. We also look at factors such as the current price of scrap metal, recent buyer inventory, and the distance between your location and our facility. Due to the fluctuating nature of the factors we must consider, we cannot lock in a specific price until an offer is accepted and we’ve been provided with all necessary information concerning the vehicle. We can guarantee that when it comes to cars for cash in New Castle, DE, we will provide you with the best rates possible to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Is My Rate Locked In?

Yes! Our junk cars for cash services in New Castle, DE are always straightforward and honest. You never need to worry about hidden fees or a change in the amount of money we’ve offered. You are initially offered the amount you will receive when we arrive to pick up your vehicle. We guarantee you will be paid the amount you were offered, provided the information you initially provide us is honest and accurate. We will access the vehicle on-site, and we long as what we see matches what you’ve told us, you will receive your initial offer in full.

Do I Need a Title to Sell My Car?

When it comes to junk cars for cash in New Castle, DE, we understand that you may not have a title readily available. When it comes to needing a title, there are several factors that we have to consider first. These factors include your location, the age of the vehicle, and if there are other types of documentation you can provide. When it comes to the state of Delaware, it depends on the discretion of the scrap site whether or not a title is needed. In most instances, if you can provide a photo ID that matches a valid registration, or an insurance card that proves ownership, we can take your vehicle without a title. It is important to note that we cannot purchase a vehicle that has an active lien or is abandoned. Let us know if you are concerned that any of these circumstances may apply to you. We will work with you as much as possible to provide our promised cars for cash in New Castle, DE.


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